Upon registering in the Shareholder Platform, BAE Ventures will collect all relevant information about your startup, and conduct an initial evaluation. This platform is a great tool to keep up with the startup portfolio and all activities in the network that involves investors, entrepreneurs, teams, angel investor groups, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

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Global Network
Investors network
Advisors network
Executives network
Fundraising – Venture
Capitais and Angels SSC- Shared Services Center
Direct lnvestment


We select promising startups that
have outstanding potential and are equipped with engaged entrepreneurs that generate impact and operate efficiently in their relevant market segments.

We become co-founders of the startups, providing intellectual, relationship,
and financial resources through
equitable agreements for investors
and shareholders.

We create value in startups
with the implementation
of proper corporate governance,
attracting investment and
promoting liquidity events {exits).

We provide a network of qualified mentors with a strategic approach. We engage our shareholder advisors and encourage them to actively participate in the growth
of the investees.

We are a part of an lnternational
lnnovation Ecosystem, generating
business and investment opportunities
at all stages of the startup.

We follow the journey of startups until they reach the series B or series C investment stages.


For startups

Amazon Web Services Cloud Provider $10k for use on all AWS proprietary solutions (valid for 2 years)

Management and communication platform via WhatsApp 20% off on hiring

Live video streaming tool, replicating to YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn Free shared access limited to up to 10 speakers per online broadcast

Analytics Integrator to generate complete reports Free access to all platform features, training to perform integrations with social networks and Google Analytics

Unlimited downloads of videos, royalty-free music, photos, graphics, chart templates, and more

Free 6 months of Zendesk for Startup customer service and support

Control, visibility and expense management for digital enterprises

Boost your journey with Freshworks' leading customer and employee engagement solutions, including CRM, LiveChat, support, marketing automation, ITSM, and HRMS

Set up and automate all or part of your company's commercial journey, be it to prospect, convert or retain customers

5,000 credits for use on the platform

Google Cloud resources to boost your startup, including credits, mentoring, and opportunities to network in the Google community

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